Self-knowledge is an essential step in moderating the influence of others (family, friends, media, beliefs...) and life events on our deepest nature.
Also, when the « whys» and the « for whys» jostle each other, it is probably a sign that we are not perfectly aligned with our real, authentic, whole « Self» .

If today you are reading this page, it may be that you feel the desire or need to reconnect with who you really are.

At a time of choice and/or changes, you are certainly going through a phase of doubts and questioning. And it's perfectly legitimate !
Who are you really ? What would you like to do ? What's your place? What is the meaning of your life? What makes you happy ?

We have the right, indeed the duty, to understand who we are, to do what we want and to make our dreams come true. This is the key to our fulfilment and happiness.


« Don't let anyone but yourself define who you are. Knowing yourself is your most absolute duty in life. As long as you neglect it, you're not free. Also, as long as you let others define you, you are not free. » 

Idriss Aberkane

Accept his
deepest nature

Self-knowledge is relatively easy to verbalize, thanks in particular to the use of psychometric tools. The challenge is to reconnect to our preferred way of interacting with the world around us and doing things. Reconnecting our « innate », spontaneous and natural functioning is the assurance of accessing our full potential in a sustainable way.

Beyond self-knowledge, the real work lies at the level of acceptance. Accepting ourselves, loving ourselves and having self-confidence are essential bases for preserving our authenticity and freeing ourselves from the projections of our environment.

This is what Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, calls the process of individuation.

This free access to our singularity facilitates at the same time full and harmonious relations with others (being aware of our singular functioning, we accept more the singularity of the other), but also the emergence of our life project.

Because there's no one life plan that's better than another. There is the one that sticks to our aspirations, to our deepest nature, to our Self original and authentic

Personal development, from self-knowledge to the implementation of a life project, is a process, a commitment, an evolution that takes place over time, commits our energy and triggers many adaptations.

« No one can be happy if he wants to go against his deepest nature. » 

Frédéric Lenoir

« The path of individuation means: striving to become a truly individual being and, inasmuch as we understand individuality to mean the form of our most intimate uniqueness, our ultimate and irrevocable uniqueness, it is the realization of our Self, in the most rebellious of all comparisons. »

Carl Jung


This process of individuation will undoubtedly lead to a questioning of our current life, logically leading to the emergence of changes.

We must therefore be aware of this, accept and trust ourselves and Life, since in the end it is only a question of agreement between what we are, what we do and what we want to do. 

And if it is really worth it, we should be prepared to face our doubts, to flirt with our fears, to challenge long-established patterns, to change our paradigms... so many necessary steps, sources of momentary discomfort, which, once overcome, make us proud, serene, free, light and finally happy.

« There was nothing to stop him but himself. » Paulo Coehlo


I've experienced this process.

As a passionate researcher, I have been confronted with multiple techniques and tools, ancestral or modern, rational or mystical, emanating from various cultures and traditions to perfect my understanding, heal my wounds, define and achieve my dreams. I have walked, tried, failed, and repeated over and over again. I discovered, learned, for myself and for others.

A permanent learning, a dynamic, a state of mind, which will probably never leave me. And if today my passion is to support others in this process of transformation and liberation, it is because I know the power of it.

« One can only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. »
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

This process of individuation is the building of the foundations for our development in our own potential. This rediscovered authenticity means that the whole internal emotional system is freed and, like a well-tuned compass, will help each person to choose, with his heart, what is right or wrong for him. An assurance that our dreams and ambitions are our own and not those of someone else or those that the environment projects on US.


« Every man on earth has a treasure waiting for him...]. We hearts seldom speak of it, for men no longer want to find these treasures. We only talk about it to little children. Then we leave it to life to lead each one to his destiny. Unfortunately, few men follow the path that has been traced out for them, which is the path of Personal Legend and bliss. Most see the world as something threatening, and for this very reason, the world does indeed become a threatening thing. So we hearts start to speak lower and lower, but we never remain silent. »


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