Happy as a tree

by Dec 26, 2019Breathing

We are made of the same substance as trees.

Jungles, forests and trees are often called the « lungs of the Earth». Indeed, there are strange similarities between the shape of a tree and that of a human torso. It is not by chance that every language in the world tends to refer to trees, metaphorically, as the Earth's main breathing organ.

In fact, every time a government has to clean up its public conscience after a bad environmental strategy, it almost always starts by planting trees. Becausethe tree , by providing the oxygen we need is a symbol of life, and perfectly illustrates the close link between life and breathing..

The Earth doesn't just breathe through the lungs.

Thanks to photosynthesis, and also thanks to the connection they establish between the earth and the sky through roots and leaves, trees are intended for the exercise of breathing. And this more than any other organic entity on Earth.

However, there is not a single being on this planet who does not breathe: nothing can live without breathing.

And to fully understand this, you have to observe nature. And not only the nature around us, but also the « nature » system in our bodies. 

We can then quickly perceive that breathing involves, in addition to our lungs, two other major anatomical areas: the abdomen and the brain. And by exploring the body more deeply, we can understand that each constituent element of our body participates in the act of expansion and contraction that is breathing. Each actor functions « in network», in « synergy» with the others, and it is this global synergy that allows the breath to be deep, complete and efficient.

Being in harmony

Breathing helps oxygenate the blood, regenerate the organs, and provide us with energy. It also allows us to manage our emotions, our thoughts, and to eliminate stress.

Breathing also brings us back to that capacity for presence - to ourselves and our environment - which we tend to forget in the frenzy of the modern world

Breathing allows us to be in harmony with life.

Just like the trees.


Inspired and translated by Marco Levi, source https://www.wimhofmethod.com/blog/happy-as-a-tree



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