Discovery Type MBTI

and deepening

The MBTI is the world's best known and most widely used personality indicator. Much more than simple personality questionnaires, the MBTI Level I and Level II approaches provide a unique and pragmatic framework for designing ad-hoc solutions in all areas of personal development.

In Detail

Knowing one's MBTI type not only allows one to understand how one perceives the world and interacts, but also to clarify one's own motivations and those of others. This model provides a stable basis for personal development as an essential condition for greater individual effectiveness.

  • The Level I enables us to identify the personality type, made up of four preferences, and offers a reading grid to understand the way we interact with the world and with others
  • The MBTI Level II goes further in exploring each preference and sheds light on each individual's unique way of expressing it.


By making it possible to know and understand one's psychological type, the MBTI model supports lifelong personal development by providing a basis for working on the most common issues in today's professional world,



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