Wim Hof Method

Discovery Workshop

En IndividuEl

Discover the fundamental bases of the Wim Hof Method, both practical and theoretical, in individual coaching and in nature. Three hours of support that will allow you to live the experience to the fullest and explore its benefits according to your own expectations and objectives.

In Detail

Over time, we have turned away from Nature and our own nature. 
We have greatly reduced our body's natural stimulation, atrophying the age-old mechanisms related to our survival and basic physiology, while the excitement of modern life, the sequence and accumulation of actions and the frenzy of stimulation, have accelerated our adaptive functions. 
The WIM HOF® method is a powerful way of transformation that stimulates our physiological processes again.
Based on the voluntary encounter with the cold, on the respiratory work and on the development of concentration, it activates the 3 planes of the human being - the physical, the mental, the spiritual - and revives our adaptive functions. 
It allows you to quickly regain your mental strength (willpower, discipline, focus, stress management), to perfect your self-knowledge, and to release your life potential.


  • Strengthens the body's natural defences 
  • Facilitates sleep and recovery 
  • Reprograms stress functions (chronic)
  • Burns sugars, superficial fats and cellulite
  • Releases limiting beliefs and fears
  • Stimulates self-esteem, self-confidence, enthusiasm


After you have registered and made the payment, I will contact you to schedule the first coaching session via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime.


Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof Method

In Group

As a certified instructor (level 2) in the wim hof® method, I invite you to come and participate in this personal transformation experience during the workshops that I organize every month on annecy. 

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Wim Hof Method

Advanced Internship (group work )

Je vous propose de venir participer, en formule immersive de plusieurs jours, à cette expérience de transformation personnelle. Ce stage s’adresse à tous Sportifs ou pas, de tous âges, souples ou non.
Les actvités de randonnée, de yoga et de mobilité sont adaptées aux forces en présence, Find out more.