Identify the proper breathing techniques for your daily life. Learn how to use breathing to optimize your physiology (health, vitality, sleep, digestion, stress...), your mind (concentration, presence...) and your emotions. Know how to regulate your nervous system to place yourself in the optimum state.


Based on the voluntary encounter with the cold, on the respiratory work and on the development of concentration, they activate the 3 planes of the human being - the physical, the mental, the spiritual - and relaunch our adaptive functions.

Buteyko Breathing

The Buteyko effect is the scientific formula that explains why a decrease in a person's resting respiratory volume (RVr) leads to better health and fitness and the reversal of symptoms of chronic disease over time. The Buteyko effect is named after Professor K.P. Buteyko.


There are times when one feels the need for adjustments in one or more areas of one's life. These situations are as diverse as the individuals who experience them, and very often result from the need to adapt to the permanent changes we face. Coaching is an approach, a help or an effective accompaniment to achieve, at one's own pace, the results that one has set oneself.

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