The Cold

cold is your warm friend

"Cold is your warm friend" is one of Wim Hof's favourite phrases. Cold is one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof method. Adequate exposure to cold triggers a cascade of health benefits, including the accumulation of brown fat and the resulting loss of fat, a reduction in inflammation that helps strengthen the immune system, a balanced hormonal system, improved sleep quality and the production of endorphins - the brain's wellness molecules that naturally raise your mood.

Exposing your body to cold temperatures is one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof method and Toumo yoga. In recent years, cold therapy has become very widespread and is associated with many health benefits. Some people, including professional athletes, bodybuilders and celebrities swear by whole body cryotherapy. This type of therapy consists of entering, for a short period of time, a device that allows only the head to appear, while extremely cold air is circulated over the body. Whole body cryotherapy is relatively expensive and still not very widespread. Methods such as the Wim Hof method are an affordable alternative. You can practice the method in the comfort of your own home, taking a cold shower, so that you can start reaping the benefits of body therapy today!

of Cold Therapy

Frequent exposure to the cold offers a number of health benefits. For example, scientists have proven that exposure to cold weather accelerates metabolism, reduces inflammation, and reduces muscle pain. Many athletes use ice baths and other types of cold exposure to speed recovery from exercise. Voluntary exposure to cold also results in improved sleep quality, increased concentration, and improved immune response.

Cold is an important element of the Wim Hof method, applied in the form of cold showers and ice baths. Proponents of the Wim Hof Method and Toumo Yoga mention health benefits ranging from higher energy levels to the reduction of symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases.

On the side
of science

Thanks to his method, Wim Hof is capable of extraordinary things, such as standing in a container full of ice cubes for almost 2 hours or running a marathon in the snow, barefoot. In recent years, several scientists have conducted experiments to demonstrate the powers of the Wim Hof method and to unravel its mechanisms. In a study carried out by Radboud University in the Netherlands, both Wim Hof practitioners and non-adopters were exposed to a pathogen. Participants who practised the Wim Hof method showed an increased immune response and fewer symptoms of illness. In another experiment, Wim himself was tested when he was exposed to a cold environment on the one hand, and to a neutral environment on the other. The results of this study showed that, for a man of his age, Wim has a high level of brown fat, but only when exposed to a cold environment. Numerous other studies are currently being conducted to explore the effects of the Wim Hof Method in areas such as stress, metabolism and inflammation.


« SIf we always choose comfort, we will never learn the deepest capacities of our mind and body. »

Wim Hof Method


What Wim is capable of has long been considered scientifically impossible. In 2007, the first scientific study was carried out at the Feinstein Institute in New York. In 2011, the Radboud University Hospital took a great leap forward. After carrying out several tests, the scientists could not fail to admit that Wim and others may be able to voluntarily influence their autonomic nervous system. Something that until then had been considered impossible was made possible by the Wim Hof method. This revolutionary discovery, published in PNAS and Nature, established the credibility of the method and aroused the curiosity of the academic world. Since then, more and more researchers from all disciplines have taken an interest in the project and various promising studies are underway.