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Too good to be true? Impossible?
Are you curious?

Only one way... take the plunge and experiment. Like all my WimHof instructor friends, I want to make you discover the three pillars of the method, give you the keys to live them fully and allow you to avoid the mistakes I made by experimenting them on my own.


The Wim Hof method offers the possibility to quickly develop mental strength (will, discipline, focus, stress management), to improve self-knowledge and to release one's life potential. If, like me, you want to be happy, strong and healthy, and if you want to be able to achieve and live fully the things that really matter in your life, then you have come to the right place.

Duration : about 3:30

The Program

An introduction to get to know each other, to explore everyone's expectations and motivations, and to understand Wim Hof's background and the origin of his method.

  • A session during which I will propose you to discover different techniques to improve the quality of your breathing on a daily basis, ending with three complete Wim Hof breathing cycles.
  • A sequence of movements, inspired by yoga, that will allow you to live your body in full consciousness, to effectively combine breath and movement, and to develop your concentration. As a bonus, I will show you a sequence of ancestral movements, to be practiced every day, to maintain your vitality and develop your longevity.
  • A joyful immersion in a bath of ice-cold water with a protocol before, during, after we take the time to detail.
  • We will end with some scientific explanations and a question and answer session around a convivial snack.

All you will need is a sports outfit, a bathing suit, a towel and your good mood to participate in this transforming workshop.

THE Rates

Wim Hof Method 

In individual

Discover the fundamental bases of the Wim Hof Method, both practical and theoretical, in individual coaching and in nature. Three hours of support that will allow you to live the experience to the fullest and explore its benefits according to your own expectations and objectives.


Wim Hof Method 

In Group

Only one way... take the plunge and experiment.
Comme tous mes amis instructeurs WimHof, j’ai envie de vous faire découvrir les trois piliers de la méthode, vous donner les clés pour les vivre pleinement et vous permettre d’éviter les erreurs que j’ai commises en les expérimentant seul.




As a certified instructor (level 2) of the Wim Hof Method®, I offer you the opportunity to come and participate, in an immersive formula of several days, in this experience of personal transformation.
Hiking, yoga and mobility activities are adapted to the forces involved.

According to the program

Would you like to set up a workshop in your organisation, or would you like to participate individually or in a group, in order to introduce yourself to the Wim Hof Method?