Over time, we have turned away from Nature and our own nature. We have forgotten the ability of our bodies to adapt to extreme temperatures and to survive in a natural environment of contrasts and changes.

Because we wear clothes and artificially control the temperature at home and at work, we have greatly reduced our body's natural stimulation, atrophying the age-old mechanisms related to our survival and basic physiology. Because our deep physiological layers are no longer solicited, our bodies are no longer in contact with this inner power that allows us to adapt to external (and internal) stresses.

Inner strength can be awakened by re-stimulating our physiological processes.
The Wim Hof® Method and Toumo Yoga are two powerful transformation paths that make this stimulation possible.

Based on the voluntary encounter with the cold, on the respiratory work and on the development of concentration, they activate the 3 planes of the human being - the physical, the mental, the spiritual - and restart our adaptive functions.

To Share is to love

As an instructor of the Wim Hof® method and a practitioner of Yoga Toumo, my passion for these extraordinary practices made me want to share them.
I lead workshops (from a few hours to several days), for individuals and companies, to enable everyone to safely discover and understand the keys to a successful and enriching experience.

Once anchored, a regular, ritualized practice offers many benefits:

  • Strengthens the body's natural defences
  • Burns sugars, superficial fats and cellulite
  • anti-inflammatory - cold is the best natural anti-inflammatory
  • Produces endorphins
  • Facilitates sleep and recovery
  • Stimulates self-esteem, self-confidence, enthusiasm
  • Develops adaptability in the face of life's difficulties
  • Requires adaptive functions
  • Awakens the inner fire, the inner strength

Regardez de plus près

Lors de mon stage de certification à la méthode Wim Hof, France 2 était présent pour filmer les moments clés de la formation et expliquer les fondements de la méthode. Un beau souvenir.

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Workshops Discovery

To experience and understand the Wim Hof method.

The Cold

Cold is one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof method.

découverte LA MÉTHODE WIM HOF ®

The Mindset

Explore the causes and effects of a strong Mindset

The Breathing

Acting on one's health and emotions, regulating one's nervous system

THE Rates

Wim Hof Method 

In individual

Discover the fundamental bases of the Wim Hof Method, both practical and theoretical, in individual coaching and in nature. Three hours of support that will allow you to live the experience to the fullest and explore its benefits according to your own expectations and objectives.


Wim Hof Method 

In Group

Only one way... take the plunge and experiment.
Like all my WimHof instructor friends, I want to make you discover the three pillars of the method, give you the keys to live them fully and allow you to avoid the mistakes I made by experimenting them alone.




As a certified instructor (level 2) of the Wim Hof Method®, I offer you the opportunity to come and participate, in an immersive formula of several days, in this experience of personal transformation.
Hiking, yoga and mobility activities are adapted to the forces involved.

According to the program

Would you like to set up a workshop in your organisation, or would you like to participate individually or in a group, in order to introduce yourself to the Wim Hof Method?