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by Sep 27, 2019Wim Hof ® Method, Breathing

« One reason why so few of us realize what we really want is that we rarely direct all of our focus and all power towards achieving a result. Most people move through life without ever deciding to master anything in particular. » Tony RobbinsTony Robbins

As you know, being totally immersed in a new activity is the best way to discover it, to understand it well, to immerse oneself in it and to progress quickly.
This is the most effective way toinitiate change while giving yourself the impetus to pursue it at home. Any process of learning about oneself is a process that must be a long-term and autonomous one.

Athletes take part in training camps, salespeople in seminars, politicians at summits, and the most spiritual among us go on retreats. There are many examples that show the importance of creating a space, time and place that allows fortotal engagement in a practice that one wishes to understand, learn and, one day, master.

So when it comes to access to oneself, to know oneself better, to have access to its full resources to connect our best version, our deepest Nature, the one that little by little gets rid of its successive layers of fears and limiting beliefs, what could be better than to take the time to immerse oneself?

A two- or three-day course for yourself

So come and immerse yourself fully, during this weekend, in the program, imagined for you, which aims at connection and self-knowledge.

Cold management and breathing work are the main topics. Every morning we will practice exposure to the cold in different forms: sitting meditation, hiking, cold bath.
The specific breathing work will start as soon as you wake up and continue, as a red thread, throughout the day. We will experiment with several breathing techniques and detail their benefits.
We will practice movement through mobility work, animal movement and yoga.

Finally, we will have time to exchange about your presence at the workshop and how to make the most of it, about the theory that supports the Wim Hof method, about breathing and the impact of movements on our health and our thoughts.

The typical schedule for the day (as an indication):

  • 8am: breathing and sitting meditation
  • 9:30 am : breakfast
  • 10:30 a.m.: Hiking
  • 12h : cold bath
  • 1pm : lunch
  • 3pm: movement
  • 5pm: breathing and cold bath
  • 7pm: Dinner
  • 9pm: discussion
  • 10pm: rest

A dense program to explore your mental and physical capacities and acquire the keys to develop them.

Working on oneself is a commitment, a discipline..
What you will get out of this internship will be commensurate with your determination and involvement, which will also be stimulated on the spot.

If at least one of the following motivations speaks to you, then this course is for you.

  • you're curious to learn more about yourself
  • you want to strengthen and soften your body
  • you want to boost your physiology, especially your immunity and your vascular system
  • you would like to have more energy on a daily basis
  • you're looking to overcome certain fears
  • you want to learn how to better manage your chronic stress
  • you want to eliminate certain limiting beliefs
  • you're in the midst of questioning your life, searching for meaning.
  • you lack drive, energy, joy

This course is open to everyone (but is limited to 10 participants).
Sporty or not, of all ages, flexible or not.
Hiking, yoga and mobility workshops are adapted to the forces at hand, which is the advantage of small groups.

Where does the internship take place?

Our immersion is planned in Italy. The hotel where we will stay with full board is calledOur House. A family hotel located in a sunny village at 1800 meters above sea level. The exterior is made of stone and wood, the building materials of the alpine tradition.22 rooms in total, large communal areas and a bright restaurant.

The hotel faces a magnificent mountain range, offering a breathtaking panorama. At the foot of the hotel, a natural swimming pool fed by the mountain streams will offer a fabulous playground.

Meals are taken at the hotel, and the chef adapts to all restrictions and requests. Vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals are possible.

Further information:

9-11 November 2019 3-day weekend
6-8 December 2019 2-day weekend



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